Jerry Thompson / Casa Las Terrazas

Mike, you took an outdated ‘A’ frame home and turned it into a gorgeous home…your creativity (and my flexibility) was the winning combination.

You began with a simple 2500 sq. foot, “A” Frame home and were able to create an open, expansive and truly functional 4500 sq. foot modern tropical delight. Its even allowed for additional rental income given the two additional bedrooms with their own bathrooms. An “L” shaped balcony on the second floor. A wraparound 3rd level, 360 degree beautiful deck that is spectacular.

Little details, like softening up the steps down to the ranchito and removing those tripping hazards which were annoying and dangerous. They a source of happiness for all. Its no longer a hazard. The attention to details is much appreciated.

In addition, that open 50 sq. foot open deck down below the pool was an elegant touch. Very nice.

And so many more little details, including a wonderful layout of quality LED lighting throughout the home and garden makes this home glow at night. We are proud of our newly remodeled home and you should be too. We will enjoy it for years to come. Thank you Mike and your team at GreenBuilt Costa Rica.