Design, Construction and Remodeling

No matter how beautiful the structure may be, it is not uncommon for a homeowner to find things about their new abode that don’t fit their lifestyle. As tastes and designs change with time, altering the façade with details such as kitchen upgrades, adding light and air to entryways, an extra room, outdoor platform or expanding office windows, can make all the difference between a house and a home.

The redesign and remodeling we do at GreenBuilt Costa Rica, turns the homeowners dream into reality. Personal touches in a place where ultimately you will live for the next several years, give you the home you desire, finished to your specifications.

When considering the cost/benefit ratio, some of our clients have opted to turn their dream home into a business, remodeling properties and then re-selling for a healthy profit.

Throughout our history, GreenBuilt Costa Rica has and will continue to service customers requesting remodel and redesign of their homes.  We have expanded the overall size of many properties and renovated houses into dream homes, increasing the value of the initial investment. Completing a job to our client’s satisfaction is our specialty, and to us a VERY big detail.

All of this can be done at GreenBuilt Costa Rica!